Our Aspiration

The declared aim is to significantly shorten the product development process from the product idea through design to market launch. Supported by the innovative technology focal points

product development and product creation processes, rapid prototyping,

material and process optimization to reduce processing time and further product development,

coating technologies,

micro production technology,

management techniques on production strategies and technical innovations,

operational learning and planning,

the deliberate creation of synergies through interdisciplinary projects of the participating faculties. The entrepreneur or student who comes up with a new product idea as part of his or her studies will find the technical possibilities, professional know-how and competence in corporate strategy in the Experimental Factory network in order to realise his or her product idea until it is placed on the market. For the future creation of jobs in the high-wage Federal Republic of Germany and especially in Saxony-Anhalt, it is necessary to establish know-how-intensive production facilities with new products and new manufacturing technologies and to keep them up to date in terms of business organisation and corporate strategy. Based on the life cycle of a product, the Experimental Factory sees itself as a midwife of new product ideas, as a high-tech, research and testing facility, as a consultant and companion for innovative production processes in a turbulent market and as an organizer of closed material cycles.