Event service

In a sophisticated architectural flair, the Experimental Factory provides various consultation, training and conference rooms as well as presentation areas:

  • a small consultation room (up to 16 people
  • a medium meeting room (up to 25 persons table version, approx. 40 Personen Stuhlvariante)
  • a large conference room (up to 52 persons table version, ca.70 persons with chairs)
  • Presentation in the foyer (e.g. product presentations, poster exhibition)

Deviations from the seating arrangements and number of persons are possible on request. In addition to the provision of conference technology, a catering service can also provide drinks, a cold or warm buffet.

Staircase in the foyer of the ExFa

For the rental of conference rooms please see our current price list! You can find them here.

Blick in den Tagungsraum der ExFa (c) Ulrich Arendt / OVGU